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Richmond Park
by Gill Chris

The largest of London’s Royal parks, Richmond Park in south-west London covers 2500 acres and is the largest urban walled park in Europe. Created by Charles I in the 17th century as a deer park, it is home to the stunning Isabella Plantation – a woodland garden full of exotic plants which is designed to be interesting all year round, and King Henry VIII’s Mound from where you can see St. Paul’s cathedral, 12 miles away.

There are over 600 deer which have roamed freely within the park since 1529 and have shaped the landscape of the park: eating all the leaves and twigs growing below 1.5 metres and preventing tree seedlings from growing, thus keeping the grassland open.

Visitors to the park can hire bikes and enjoy a variety of trails, pathways and roads providing challenging and interesting cycling.

For guests at any of our London vacation rentals, the park can be reached by tube from central London by taking the District Line to Richmond Station.

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