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The Lord Mayor’s Show
by Cedric

This year the Lord Mayor’s show will take place on Saturday 12th November. The day starts with a River Pageant featuring an impressive array of traditional Thames barges and small boats bringing the Mayor to the City. Tower Bridge opens in salute. This is followed by the Lord Mayor’s Procession through the streets of the City featuring thousands of participants, many bands and horses, along with hundreds of other carriages, carts, coaches and other vehicles including vintage cars, steam buses, tanks, tractors, ambulances, fire engines, unicycles, steamrollers, giant robots, helicopters, ships, penny farthings, beds and bathtubs. The day will end with a firework display over the River Thames

For those unfamiliar with London, a distinction must be made between the Mayor of London and the Lord Mayor.

The City is London’s historic core. Today it is the main financial district of London where the headquarters of numerous banks, insurance companies and the Stock Exchange are located. It is often referred to as the square mile.

The original walled city was constructed by the Romans, By medieval times the number of gates leading in and out of the City had increased to a total of seven. The gates, although now long gone, are remembered by the areas or roads being named where the gates had stood – Ludgate, Newgate, Aldersgate, Cripplegate, Moorgate, Bishopsgate and Aldgate. It was also in medieval times that London started to expand beyond the walls of the original city.

During medieval times the governance of London was administered by a Court of Aldermen and one of their number was chosen to be Lord Mayor. This practice has continued for some 800 years into modern times. However Lord Mayors now only hold office for one year and they perform many ceremonial duties during their term of office.

In contrast the Mayor of London is a political appointment and is based on elections every 4 years. The post role can only be held for 2 terms by any one individual. The Mayor manages the running of Greater London with an area of some 600 square miles and a population of some eight and a half million citizens. London’s Mayor has a huge budget. The role includes the management within London of the police, the fire service, transport plus the stimulation of business development in the capital. The next mayoral elections are scheduled for May 2016 but needless to say no special pageants take place with the election of a new mayor.

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